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Reset the HP Blade in the Enclosure

When physical access to the server is unavailable and blade is not responding properly from the enclosure, try to do the  basic troubleshooting like reboot and if it is failed to fix the issue then it require blade to be … Continue reading

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Removing the VNIC completely from the Windows VM.

We removed the VNIC E1000 and added a new NIC with VMXNET3 on one of the windows 2008 VM , noticed that windows doesn’t delete the hardware and it just moved as a hidden device. After spending some time , … Continue reading

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Easy way to Configure and run commands on multiple ESX hosts in the cluster.

Download the tool called mRemoteNG in which you can take multiple ESX hosts SSH session on one window and also we can save the ESX details for future use. Pls check terms and conditions on the link to use … Continue reading

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Configuring Identity Source in SSO with secured LDAPS

To configure the LDAPS , need to import the certificate from the certificate root server . Pls note other than the root certificate it won’t accept other certificate . Log in to a Domain Controller on the domain. Click Start, type mmc, … Continue reading

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How to remove vSAN labeled SSD Disk to use it as local datastore.

First we need to remove the disk from vSAN configuration. /dev/disks # ls –l   – It will list all the disks Need to note the device name which can be naa.* or mpx.* depends on our ESXI host identifies the … Continue reading

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vMotion Priority

I was looking to set the vMotion priority to make critical VMs like linux cluster VMs to move quicker than the other VMs ,tried the timeout value to max in linux OS level for cluster but still when the vMotion … Continue reading

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Vcenter Appliance configuration using SSH

    Login to the console session of the VCSA Execute the following command: /opt/vmware/share/vami/vami_config_net Menu will appear to change the IP address, hostname, DNS, Default gateway and proxy server. Execute the below command to ADD the VCSA to the … Continue reading

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