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CHKDSK on Windows 2012 Servers.

Long back we had a very tough time on solving the Windows 2003 system volume corruption issue and the main challenge is we cannot predict the time consuming to complete the chkdisk. One of our main Tier-1 Application was running … Continue reading

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Adding vShield Manager to the AD Users.

To configure SSO on the vShield Manager: Log into your vShield Manager, then click Settings & Reports> Configuration. Click Editfor the Lookup Service and reconfigure SSO. Click OK, then click Yesin the Security warning pop-up. Wait for the configuration to complete. SSO has now been successfully reconfigured on vShield … Continue reading

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How to unlock or reset the SSO password and possible way to find the SSO Master password.

If we don’t remember the login password of SSO ( admin@system-domain ) , we can reset the same using the rsautil sso command but we require the Master password of the SSO which was provided during the installation and without the … Continue reading

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Arguments for first disk – Auto Depoly

vSphere 5.1 added the new feature in Auto Deploy : Stateless Caching \ Stateful  Install feature . In this method we can enable the option to save the ESXi Image to an assigned dedicated boot disk and it can be … Continue reading

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SQL server Failover Cluster Instance.

“ The cluster resource ‘SQL Server (SQL2012)’ could not be brought online due to an error bringing the dependency resource ‘SQL Network Name(VSQL2012)’ online “  During the SQL 2012 Failover cluster installation,  faced the issue on bringing the SQL cluster … Continue reading

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vCenter Server 5.1 fails with the error while we providing the administrator group “Wrong Input – Either a command Line argument is Wrong “

During the VC SSO installation I was facing the error “Wrong Input – Either a command Line argument is Wrong “ and I found if HA SSO service is selected as High Availability mode then  instead of local administrative group … Continue reading

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Resetting iDRACs (Dell M1000e)

In some cases  we need to reset the iDRAC to fix the issue and CMC ( Chassis Management Controller ) allows to reset the iDRAC without re-booting the OS. Login in to the CMC Chassis Managment Controller through RACADM using … Continue reading

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