Bug in network introspection driver (vnetflt.sys) VMtools 11265 (11.0.1)

Recently we have upgraded the VMtools version from 10.305\10.346 to 1126511.0.1 and we noticed few VMs went to hung status and noticed the below alert in windows VMs.


2020-02-07T12:50:58.182Z| vcpu-0| I125: Guest: vsep: AUDIT: VFileSocketMgrCloseSocket : Mux is disconnected <——————————————
2020-02-07T12:50:58.297Z| vmx| I125: VigorTransportProcessClientPayload: opID=3997b233-39-9b26 seq=290: Receiving MKS.IssueTicket request.
2020-02-07T12:50:58.297Z| vmx| I125: SOCKET 5 (129) creating new listening socket on port -1
2020-02-07T12:50:58.297Z| vmx| I125: Issuing new webmks ticket a9161e… (120 seconds)
2020-02-07T12:50:58.297Z| vmx| I125: VigorTransport_ServerSendResponse opID=3997b233-39-9b26 seq=290: Completed MKS request.
2020-02-07T12:50:58.666Z| vcpu-0| I125: Guest: vsep: AUDIT: SetupConsumerContext : Setting event Type as 256 from 0
2020-02-07T12:50:58.667Z| vcpu-1| I125: Guest: vsep: AUDIT: SetupConsumerContext : Setting event Type as 256 from 0
2020-02-07T12:50:58.676Z| vcpu-1| I125: Guest: vsep: AUDIT: SetupConsumerContext : Setting event Type as 256 from 0

VMware ticket has been raised and they recommended to upgrade the NSX Manager to 6.4.4 and confirmed the below

There is an internal bug which confirms that this is a known issue with VMware tools version you are using ( 11.0.1 ) and there is no external documentation available confirming this aspect. We have confirmed based on an engineering ticket that we have referred. As per the engineering ticket, this should be made available in the release notes of 11.0.5 and expected to be fixed in 11.1. There is no ETA mentioned about these releases.

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Useful links on EC2\FSX with new features






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Memories of 2019

2019 started with the lot of new surprises in the company roadmap and one of the main change is to move the on-perm to the cloud which means reducing the VMware footprint. Initially it was tough to accept the change but it was good planing on the change from the management end like providing enough training on the AWS\Azur and once team is having sufficient knowledge and confident then start on migrating the work load to the cloud.

I was put in AWS Training and lot of new learnings which allowed to prepare for the certification and  after several months of preparation and experience, completed the AWS solution architect certification. Last three months started migrating the application  to AWS which is very challenging to understand the current design of the application and  planning on it to run in cloud.Gained some experience in CHEF and last two months started working on CI\CD  also with few python  automation.

Past four years I got the opportunity to attend the VMware conference but this year  since the focus is on the cloud, didnt get the chance to attend but at the same time had change to attend my first AWS-Reinvent which is awesome for learning and explore new  services in AWS..

It was a good year and looking forward 2020 to learn more in cloud services.

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VCSA6.5 failed to login using AD credentials

One of our vCenter was having issue to login using the AD Credentials . We verified the DNS and the other VC ‘s which connects to the same DNS and AD , found no issues.

When we checked the websso.log , noticed the below error.

2019-11-25T16:08:43.717Z vsphere.local        8d2b3655-340a-46db-b879-5b680911c743 ERROR] [IdentityManager] Failed to authenticate principal [ADUSER@ADDOMAIN] for tenant [vsphere.local]com.vmware.identity.interop.idm.IdmNativeException: Native platform error [code: 851968][null][null]

at sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor29.invoke(Unknown Source)
at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Unknown Source)
at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Unknown Source)
at sun.rmi.server.UnicastServerRef.dispatch(Unknown Source)
at sun.rmi.transport.Transport$2.run(Unknown Source)
at sun.rmi.transport.Transport$2.run(Unknown Source)

We tried by rebooting the VC and also removing and adding the AD , even-though we are able to search the AD objects but the authentication was getting failed and finally  the below steps  fixed the issue.

  1. Removed the VC from the domain.
  2.  Deleted the computer account from the AD
  3.  Re-added the VC back to the domain.
  4.  Rebooted the VC, tested connection which was working fine.
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Error while migrating vSphere VMs to Amazon with AWS Server Migration Service

By the help of the link , configured the AWS Server Migration Service and at final stage of the sync it got failed with the error ” Instance failed to boot and establish network connectivity”

So we stopped all the non-microsoft services on the windows instance and tried the sync and it got completed successfully.

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Useful links to refer the CloudFormation functions.

AWS CloudFormation Templates – Sample CloudFormation templates, solutions, and snippets

CloudFormation::Init Documentation

Using AWS CloudFormer – Introduction and walkthrough for AWS CloudFormer

List of Services Supported in CloudFormation

JSON Formatter and Validator – Free tool for validating JSON templates

How to Use Nested Stacks – How to modularize your CloudFormation stacks


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Solution for the SMB1 AD Authentication issue – ESXi 6.5U3 update

As per my previous blog on SMB1 AD authentication issue in 6.5u1 , VMware communicated that it will be fixed  after the 6.7 U2 update but it looks like in the recent 6.5 U3 update it got fixed.In the release notes they mentioned some fix related to AD and we tested with few hosts and able to connect the AD now without issue.


PR 2268193: Managing the Active Directory lwsmd service from the Host Client or vSphere Web Client might fail

Managing the Active Directory lwsmd service from the Host Client or vSphere Web Client might fail with the following error: Failed – A general system error occurred: Command /etc/init.d/lwsmd timed out after 30 secs.

This issue is resolved in this release.


 VMware ESXi 6.5.0 build-8294253

VMware ESXi 6.5.0 Update 2


VMware ESXi 6.5.0 build-13932383

VMware ESXi 6.5.0 Update 3

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