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vCenter VPXD crashes because of high memory.

We have a vcenter environment with around  500 ESXi hosts running on multiple clusters and for the past several weeks we had the issue of Vcetner down because of VPXD crash and the service will be in stopped status. VMware … Continue reading

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Options to check and alert the vcenter certificate expiration

Last week one of our vCenter went down because of the machine certificate got expired and it took some time to find out the issue so I thought it will be helpful to show the options to verify the certificate … Continue reading

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vCSA 6.0 Installation issues – ” Firstboot script execution error “

Pls check my previous blogs on various issues faced during the installation and here I just added few other issues which we faced in our new environment. I hope these somehow shed some lights to fix the installation issues. vCSA 6.0 … Continue reading

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Invalid Credentials – Join an SSO domain in an existing vCenter 6.0 platform service controller.

VC6.0 Appliance Installation Issue. We already created one primary platform service controller ( PSC ) and when trying to install the second PSC\VC which connects to the primary PSC, it is failing with the error “ invalid credentials “ and … Continue reading

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vCSA 6.0 “Firstboot Script Execution Error – Failed to run vdcpromo”

Platform Service controller – PSC installation was failing when we try to connect to join the PSC in the same domain name but with different site name. ” Failed to run vdcpromo “ We have one PSC installed in the … Continue reading

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vCenter Appliance DNS IP Entry Issue

Once OVF file is imported ,  I have configured the IP/Subnet/DNS/Firewall in the initial setup and left hostname as default and later by login to the webclient , configured the hostname and connected the VC to the AD domain , … Continue reading

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