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How to identify host , datastore and vCenter of the running VM .

when vCenter\PSC is running as the appliance on the  host configured in the same vCenter and in case of  the VM (vCenter\PSC)  failure, we need information about the VM running on which host,datastore to bring it back online. Also in … Continue reading

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Powershell script to re-point\fail-over the VC to another replication Platform Service Controller ( PSC – VCSA 6.0)

Check my other blog for more information on re-pointing the VC to the external PSC , In this blog we can see by using the powershell script to re-point\failover the VC to another replication PSC. We need cmsso-util to repoint PSC and … Continue reading

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Powershell script to find which platform service controller ( PSC ) is pointing to my vCenter appliance VCSA -6.0

We have two PSCs  which points to multiple VCs running in our environment and always   there will be a question that which PSC is pointing to which VC and there is easy way to find it using the web-client … Continue reading

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Powershell to get the graph report of VMware VMs configured Memory.

Found the below blog which explains to get the report using powershell in graph pattern so wants to try the same to get the VMs configured memory from the vCenter.It is very useful for the disk space and other administration … Continue reading

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vMotion Priority

I was looking to set the vMotion priority to make critical VMs like linux cluster VMs to move quicker than the other VMs ,tried the timeout value to max in linux OS level for cluster but still when the vMotion … Continue reading

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