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Deploying a Centralized VMware vCenter Single Sign-On 5.5 with Microsoft Network Load Balancer.

This blog is about configuring the vCenter SSO LB using the Microsoft Load-Balancing Manager , I have noticed that lot of blog and KB mentioning about the configuration of the LB using F5 , Citrix NetScalar and VMware Edge but … Continue reading

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How to unlock or reset the SSO password and possible way to find the SSO Master password.

If we don’t remember the login password of SSO ( admin@system-domain ) , we can reset the same using the rsautil sso command but we require the Master password of the SSO which was provided during the installation and without the … Continue reading

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vCenter Server 5.1 fails with the error while we providing the administrator group “Wrong Input – Either a command Line argument is Wrong “

During the VC SSO installation I was facing the error “Wrong Input – Either a command Line argument is Wrong “ and I found if HA SSO service is selected as High Availability mode then  instead of local administrative group … Continue reading

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Configuring Identity Source in SSO with secured LDAPS

To configure the LDAPS , need to import the certificate from the certificate root server . Pls note other than the root certificate it won’t accept other certificate . Log in to a Domain Controller on the domain. Click Start, type mmc, … Continue reading

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