Trend Deep Security agentless windows 2016 protection

Even-though the 9.6 Service pack 1 was supporting the agentless protection which was tested in our lab, it was not officially supported by Trend and from the latest version Deep Security 9.1 Update Release (9.6 ServicePack 1 Patch1 Update 15) it started supporting now.

As per the Trend support team the EPSECLib 6.3.3 packaged into the RedHat agent version that goes into the DSVA to properly support Windows 2016 servers.

Also another issue which got fixed by this patch is when doing vMotion of many simultaneous VMs, some of the VMs may appear as Anti-Malware Engine Offline after it moves to the new host. This occurred because the DSM checked the status of the VMs during heartbeat before the vMotion is finished. It looks like from this patch it will do another check status or waiting for the next heartbeat will fix the status.


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