Memories of 2019

2019 started with the lot of new surprises in the company roadmap and one of the main change is to move the on-perm to the cloud which means reducing the VMware footprint. Initially it was tough to accept the change but it was good planing on the change from the management end like providing enough training on the AWS\Azur and once team is having sufficient knowledge and confident then start on migrating the work load to the cloud.

I was put in AWS Training and lot of new learnings which allowed to prepare for the certification and  after several months of preparation and experience, completed the AWS solution architect certification. Last three months started migrating the application  to AWS which is very challenging to understand the current design of the application and  planning on it to run in cloud.Gained some experience in CHEF and last two months started working on CI\CD  also with few python  automation.

Past four years I got the opportunity to attend the VMware conference but this year  since the focus is on the cloud, didnt get the chance to attend but at the same time had change to attend my first AWS-Reinvent which is awesome for learning and explore new  services in AWS..

It was a good year and looking forward 2020 to learn more in cloud services.

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