Free Sexilog to view the Syslog and Events

Great tool for free and I will explain the basic configuration and the Installation part of the Sexilog.

Download the SexiLog from

Deploy the Appliance in to the vCenter.



By Default it will be in the DHCP Mode and we can Change it to the Static IP.


Press 5 for the Network Seetings

Provide the IP\NetMask\Gateway\DNS\Hostname and reboot the Appliance.


Once its done then configure the ESXi  Host to send the log to your SexiLog appliance by adding the udp://IP_address_SexiLog_Appliance:514 in the advance option



The default root password is Sex!Log.

The SexiLog web interface (ie Kibana) is listening on TCP port 80 so you can reach it at http://your_appliance_fqdn_or_ipv4/



Reference :


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