VC6.0 Linked Mode roles sync issue between vCenters – ” The data service timed out because a back-end task took more than 120 seconds”

vCenters  ( VCSA ) between different sites have been connected using the linked mode so all the PSCs is pointed to the same domain and because of few issues we have to decommission the PSC\VC in one of the site and have to re-install the same.So we decommissioned the PSC\VC using cmsso-util unregister command and re-installed both again which connects to the same domain to the linked mode with different name.

Once the installation is completed , I notice that in roles it is keep on searching and after some time it is failing with the below error.

“The data service timed out because a back-end task took more than 120 seconds. See the vsphere-client-virgo.log for more details “


erro12r  error3d


Initially I was suspecting the issue will be resolved  if we reboot all the PSC\VC in other sites so that  any stale record of the decommissioned PSC\VC will be removed but it failed to resolve the issue .

We were trying to run the decommission command again and first we ran the vdcleavefed command but it got failed as usual with error “Confidentiality required “ and I tried cmsso-util unregister command and it took very long time to complete , even though at the end  it is not showing  as successfully completed but in the background it cleaned or unregistered the VC and from the web client immediately it started showing the roles..

So as I suspected it is because of some stale entry of the VC which we retired but the strange thing is when we ran the  “ /usr/lib/vmidentity/tools/scripts/ list  –url http://localhost:7080/lookupservice/sdk –type vcenterserver “ it was not showing any VC which is related to the decommissioned one but still somewhere the entry was got registered and once we ran the cmsso-util unregister command it cleared all and started working.

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