Bug in NFS mount while using SRM

We were configuring the SRM with Tintri storage and while configuring the Array pairing in storage replication , SRM was failed to mount the Tintri datastore.

So as per Tintri we need to create the service group in the production site and it will automatically create the folder in the destination for the replication. Once the storage part is done, we started configuring the Array Pair in the SRM and it got completed without any error but in the below array pair column it was showing only the service group without the datasotre mapping.By the result of this we cant create the protection group which need datastore  groups mapping.


By the help of Tintri support we have tried lot of options like deleting the service group and re-creating it but nothing helped. At last found it is known  SRM issue with NFS datastore having mounted in the ESXi using the FQDN. ( KB 2009622 )

Site Recovery Manger cannot match the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) or short name of the NFS server that is used to mount the source NFS volumes on the ESX/ESXi hosts with the StoragePort information that is reported in the SRA response to the discoverdevices command.

Finally we remounted all the datastore with IP address and the issue got resolved




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