Looking back on 2017

Just want to register my memory on 2017 , It has been wonderful journey with lot of happiness and also some bad memories .

So after doing almost six years of consultant job , I joined as the full time employee around mid 2016  and it was totally different  experience .When I was doing the consultant job , had lot of time for outside activity other than my daily responsibilities, like preparing and learning new stuff to improve my skills ,writing blog but after joining full time job the story is totally different and in my personal life my kids also now needed lot of time from me. On all these changes, I somehow managed to post at least one blog on each month.

2017 I have done some significant project like designing DR and Implemented the VMware SRM  and worked in the project to setup internal cloud in our environment. This year VMworld was so informative and had chance to meet some top personalities in the market. Year-end was not so good because of the recent layoff which affected lot of my close friends in the office. It is really nightmare for everyone and now lot of pressure to project our-self to show that we are worth for the company growth. Even though the vision of the company is to move to external cloud but one positive note is company are still showing interest on internal infrastructure  so the goal on 2018 is to learn open stack and AWS to improve the skills. I know 2018 going to be very challenging because of VISA issues in US and the new vision of our company. It will be very interesting and as i said challenging  year to prepare myself to respond for the situation in up-coming months..


Wishing everyone a very happy new year and hope will spend more time on writing the blogs with helpful information ..

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