VCSA 6.5 upgrade\Installation issues and fixes

Recently I have started upgrading the VC6.0 U3 ( VCSA ) to 6.5 U1 and encountered few issues  so  same like by previous blogs on VC6.0  issues , planned to do it for VC6.5 also and  find the old blogs below.

vCSA 6.0 Installation issues 


We have around 25 different vCenters to be upgraded and will update the blog accordingly .

Issue 1.

Invalid Appliance (OS) root password

So while upgrading the appliance we need to provide the SSO Password and also source VC\PSC appliance root password and it was failing with the OS root password is invalid. I have verified  the password which is correct and later found that SSO and OS password is same which fails to accept . Once I have changed the OS password, issue got fixed.

Issue 2.

Unable to retrieve the migration assistant extension on source vCenter server.

So as per the KB 2148400 , environment which is not using the VUM , we need to remove the com.vmware.vcIntegrity extension. KB 1025360 will guide the steps.

Issue 3.

The Installer is unable to connect to the vCenter Appliance Management Interface.

So my source VC was running in one cluster and trying to implement the upgrade 6.5 appliance on different cluster . Since the network is different it got failed on the end of the Stage 1 . Once I pointed the upgrade 6.5 appliance to the same cluster issue got fixed.

Issue 4.

Could not reach the given source vCenter Server address on port 22

Lot of blogs are pointed to check the SSH on the source appliance but in my case it was already enabled so I just restarted all the services before the upgrade and the issue got fixed on the next try.




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3 Responses to VCSA 6.5 upgrade\Installation issues and fixes

  1. Noor says:

    Thanks a lot Sir, I was getting an Error could not reach the source vCenter server on port 22
    after restarting all the services on Source VC issue got fixed


  2. yash says:

    sir,i don’t understand that which one is root (os) password (note:-i have’t Linux base appliance like ova kind,i do upgrade through the windows system)..error arise is “Invalid Appliance (OS) root password”


  3. omenz says:

    I am facing usse no 1, still no luck after change root password on vami and tried to reboot vcsa. any suggestion?


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