SRM IP customization issue on Redhat VMs

During the DR test we have noticed that few of  the Redhat  5\6\7 VMs were failing with various errors like ( “A general system error occurred: vix error codes = (3016,0)”,”Error – Timed out waiting for VMware Tools after 900 seconds”) on IP customization part and we have tried few option but it looks like VMware tools 10.1.x is the cause for the login delay and VMware has recommended to upgrade the SRM to 8.1.1 version.

IP customization might be failing due to the login delays with 10.1.x and above tools which uses SAML token authentication on the OS whereas 10.0.9 and below uses VIX authentication using VM tools when they are running on OS.

With SRM 8.1.1 we have added a delay in the code so the timeout value for this specific task is increased which can allow the customization script to be completed at OS level:

{SRM 8.1.1 Release Notes – Refer “IP customization during recovery might fail due to delay in the completion of the SRM guest enrollment script”}

As a workaround, we can downgrade to VM tools 10.0.9 version until the upgrade can be performed.

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