Useful links on various AWS topics

Centralized Logging – AWS Answers |

AWS Developer Forums: Discussion Forums |

Amazon Web Services – Labs · GitHub |

GitHub – awslabs/aws-shell: An integrated shell for working with the AWS CLI. |

Region Table |

AWS Regions and Endpoints – Amazon Web Services |

AWS Service Limits – Amazon Web Services |

AWS IP Address Ranges – Amazon Web Services |

Error Retries and Exponential Backoff in AWS – Amazon Web Services |

Cloud Solutions by Application – Amazon Web Services (AWS) |

AWS – Application Architecture Center |

AWS Simple Icons |

Compliance Programs – Amazon Web Services (AWS) |

Case Studies & Customer Success – Amazon Web Services (AWS) |

AWS Certification – AWS Cloud Computing Certification Program |


Click to access serverless-cicd-for-the-enterprise-on-the-aws-cloud.pdf

EC2 Template-

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