vCSA 6.0 “Firstboot Script Execution Error – Failed to run vdcpromo”

Platform Service controller – PSC installation was failing when we try to connect to join the PSC in the same domain name but with different site name.

” Failed to run vdcpromo “


We have one PSC installed in the East Cost with the VSPHERE.LOCAL domain name and EAST as the Site name and we are trying to install another PSC in West Cost to join with the East Cost PSC in the same domain ( VSPHERE.LOCAL ) but with different site name West. At the finale stage of the installation it got failed with the below error ” Failed to run vdcpromo

After investigating the basic logs , we realize it is because of some port issue and  by having some help from the blog we opened the basic ports 80,443,514,1514,7444 but still the instillation was failing . At last with the help of the below KB we opened the additional ports 636 , 2012,2014,2020,11711 and 11712 which resolved the issue.

For EX if we download the logs ( Pls check the my other blog on searching the key word from the VMware log ), open the  vmafd-firstboot_***_stderr.log and we can find the error ” Vdcpromo failed. Error 382312513: Failed to connect to the remote host, reason = rpc_s_connect_timed_out (0x16c9a041) ” which  mean  port 2014 for RPC port is not opened between the sites.

Port 636 and 2014 is important for the Enhanced Linked Mode.



Pls check my other blog for additional PSC\VC installation issue.

VMware vCenter Server Appliance 6.0 – “Failed to Start Services. Firstboot Error”.

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2 Responses to vCSA 6.0 “Firstboot Script Execution Error – Failed to run vdcpromo”

  1. Hi Ganesh,

    In my home lab I have a windows VC 6 and I am trying to deploy a new VC appliance and trying them to join in Linked mode. I get the above error message. When you talk about opening the ports — in my case — the ports should be opened on the Windows VC server ?



    • Ganadmin says:

      just try by disabling the windows firewall service and reboot the VC. This issue may happen if SSO of the PSC is wrongly provided during the installation ..


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