Powershell script to re-point\fail-over the VC to another replication Platform Service Controller ( PSC – VCSA 6.0)

Check my other blog for more information on re-pointing the VC to the external PSC , In this blog we can see by using the powershell script to re-point\failover the VC to another replication PSC.

We need cmsso-util to repoint PSC and pls check the  KB 2131191 for detailed information .

I believe currently there is no shell cmdlets from VMware to allow us to run shell commands directly using the powershell\powercli and while searching for any alternative, found the tool plink.exe which allows to run the command using the SSH . Pls refer the blog from Virtu-Al.Net for more info..

Idea of this code for plink.exe was taken from lucd and modified according to the requirement. pls check the help of plink.exe for more info.

To run this script download the plink.exe and provide the path of the same.

Download the script from the below location.

Git-Hub or DropBox

Also there is another script written by virtuallyGhetto to automate the same process which is very helpful to make the re-point operation to automate.





SSH PowerShell tricks with plink.exe


How to automatically repoint & failover VCSA to another replicated Platform Services Controller (PSC)?



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