Unregister vSphere Replication from vCenter Server if the Appliance Was Deleted

vSphere replication Appliance was deleted without properly  unregistered it from the vCenter and each time when we login in to the web-client it was searching for the vSphere Replication ( VR ) Appliance and it slowing down the web-client.

There is a separate KB article is available on steps to removing VR when the appliance it is not exist because it was deleted.

Login to the below Vcenter link.

https://<vCenter_Server_address>/mob/?moid=ExtensionManager with vCenter Server credentials

In the extensionList property, click the corresponding link for the com.vmware.vcHms extension key to check the key details.



Verify that the displayed data is for a vSphere Replication appliance that is already lost.

In ExtensionManager, click unregisterExtension.


Type com.vmware.vcHms for the extension key value, and click Invoke Method.


Verify that the result displays void and not an error message.

An error message might appear if the specified extension is not registered, or if an unexpected runtime error occurs.


Refresh the ExtensionManager page and verify that the extensionList entry does not include com.vmware.vcHms.


Before removing VR


After removing VR


Reference :


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