Trend Micro Deep Security ( Event Based Tasks to activate the VMs)

Pls check my other blogs on DSM 9.5 and 9.6 and here we can see the steps to activate the VMs when it moved using vMotion to one host to another which will help when we want to activate the agentless protection in old environment with huge list of VMs.

In Trend DSM it is easy to create the event based task to activate the new VMs created in the ESXi hosts but for the computers moved from one host to another we need to use some basic logic to exclude VMs which we dont want to activate and also to assign policy only to the Windows based OS for the agentless protection.

One difficulty  on having this event task is it will activate all the  VMs  to the policy it is defined  and in case if you have different policy to Windows and Linux then it will over-write to the same default policy to all the vMotion VMs so we have to create extra condition to exclude the VMs and another condition for the Operating systems.

Go to Administration – Eventbased Tasks – Click New

Select Computer Moved

Select appropriate policy and other actions

First condition is select the ESX hosts

Next condition is important so we need to exclude any VM name which starts app but we dont have option like not matches to directly exclude the VM by name and to fix this use the WWW.REGEXPAL.COM to verify the regular expression which provides the no match or match condition.

FOR EX  ”  ^(?!.*app).*$ ” use this in the regular expression and in the Test String type some content with the word app and it will show the result as match or no match.


use it according to the requirement and the third condition is to exclude the Linux VMs so select the condition platform and use .*OS.*


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