Trend Micro Deep Security Manager 9.6 Upgrade ( 9.5 SP1 – 9.6 ) – Part 1

Pls check my other blogs for the Trend Deep Security 9.5 configuration and its features and also Trend DSM 9.6 SP1 with windows 10 support.

Trend has released the new version 9.6 and now we will see the upgrade steps from the 9.5 SP1 DSM version to 9.6.Also pls make sure to take the latest DB back before starting the activity .

Download the latest version from the download center link

Click the 9.6.1589.X64.exe from the download folder.


Select the language


Click Next from the welcome page.


Accept the agreement.


It will stop the DSM service and start extracting the files.


Installation will check for the previous version of DSM


Once it find the older version , it will show the version which is going to be installed and also asks option to upgrade or change.

Select the Upgrade option.


It will show the warning pointing that it will make some changes in database and also recommends to do the DB back.

When you upgrade DSM, the schema of all the tenants database (DB) will be updated as well. It may take a very long time to upgrade when the customer has multiple tenants with separate databases.

As a workaround, Trend  SEG has developed an upgrade script that you can run manually for each tenant prior to the actual patch upgrade.

Pls check the link :


Select to proceed with upgrade option.



It will un-install the previous version.


Installation will extract files.





It will update the Database Schema.


It will start the DSM



Installation will be finished when the DSM service is up



Multi-Manager configuration it will show the warning and recommend to do the same upgrade on other manager server also.




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