Tips to edit the .vmdk (descriptor file)

We are in the situation to change the scsi adapter detail in the disk vmdk (descriptor file) and the count of the VM list is very high so used the below steps to change it on the multiples VMs.

Log-in to the SSH of the ESXi

Check what all vmdk having lsisas1068

 grep lsisas1068 /vmfs/volumes/storage/*/????????????????????????????????.vmdk

Based on the VM Name count ( ???????????????????????????????? )

Copy the vmdk file to /tmp/backup

 cp/vmfs/volumes/storage/*/????????????????????????????????.vmdk /tmp/backup/

Check and Apply the Changes

 sed ‘s/lsisas1068/lsilogic/’ /vmfs/volumes/storage/*/????????????????????????????????.vmdk

sed -i ‘s/lsisas1068/lsilogic/’ /vmfs/volumes/storage/i-2358-666282-VM/????????????????????????????????.vmdk

Verify the changes

diff /tmp/filename /vmfs/volumes/storage/i-2358-666282-VM/????????????????????????????????.vmdk

grep lsisas1068 /vmfs/volumes/storage/*/????????????????????????????????.vmdk

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