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Bug in VCSA 6.5 U1\U2 which failed with invalid credentials on AD authentication

On of our vCenter was having issue on connecting the AD users and when users trying to connect the VC , it will fail with the invalid credentials error. I have already mentioned few blogs about AD authentication  issue here … Continue reading

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Deploying Platform Services Controller ( PSC ) in HA mode behind a Load Balancer.

In this blog we can see the configuration of High Availability External Platform Services Controller ( PSC ) Appliance .A fresh, or new, vCenter Single Sign-On high availability deployment is recommended when there are multiple vCenter Server systems or vCenter … Continue reading


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Deploying a Centralized VMware vCenter Single Sign-On 5.5 with Microsoft Network Load Balancer.

This blog is about configuring the vCenter SSO LB using the Microsoft Load-Balancing Manager , I have noticed that lot of blog and KB mentioning about the configuration of the LB using F5 , Citrix NetScalar and VMware Edge but … Continue reading

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How to unlock or reset the SSO password and possible way to find the SSO Master password.

If we don’t remember the login password of SSO ( admin@system-domain ) , we can reset the same using the rsautil sso command but we require the Master password of the SSO which was provided during the installation and without the … Continue reading

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vCenter Server 5.1 fails with the error while we providing the administrator group “Wrong Input – Either a command Line argument is Wrong “

During the VC SSO installation I was facing the error “Wrong Input – Either a command Line argument is Wrong “ and I found if HA SSO service is selected as High Availability mode then  instead of local administrative group … Continue reading

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Configuring Identity Source in SSO with secured LDAPS

To configure the LDAPS , need to import the certificate from the certificate root server . Pls note other than the root certificate it won’t accept other certificate . Log in to a Domain Controller on the domain. Click Start, type mmc, … Continue reading

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