How to configure the NTP on the vCenter Server Appliance 6.0 – vCSA

We have various methods to configure and verify the NTP settings in PSC\VC and during the installation itself we have to point the correct NTP setup and if we want to change or update the configuration then pls follow the below methods.

Method : 1

Login to the web link https:\\psc:5480 and from the Time configuration we can set the NTP server .


Method :2

Open the console session and press ALT + F1 or login to the putty session.

From the Bash shell –  Login as Root user.


For example:
Status: Down
It will show the status as down if no NTP is configured.

Run this command to enable the NTP server:

ntp.server.add –servers ntp_servername

To remove an NTP server, run this command

ntp.server.delete –-servers ntp_servername

To override any current servers.


Once the NTP Server is set and active , it will show the below status in ntp.get.



Run this command to enable the NTP mode.

timesync.set –mode NTP


Method : 3

Login in to the Application Shell.

First check the status of the NTP Server by running the below command

   ntpq -p

Check the NTP service Status.

service ntp status

To configure the NTP Server by login to the below ntp.conf.

vi /etc/ntp.conf

Pls note you have to use one server below another and don’t use commas.

 Server 1.NTP.Server

Server  2.NTP.Server

Once done then stop and start the NTP service.

 service ntp stop\start.

 Again to verify the entry in the conf.

cat /etc/ntp.conf

ntpq –p

So the * shows the active NTP Server and make sure the reach shows 377


Run the command to verify that you successfully applied the NTP synchronization.

Logout and from the shell run this command to enable the NTP server:

timesync.set –mode NTP

timesync.get The command returns that the time synchronization is in NTP mode or host mode.

If the NTP sync was pointed to host then it will show the Mode as Host and same for the NTP server as mode NTP.



Reference :

Click to access vsphere-esxi-vcenter-server-60-appliance-configuration-guide.pdf

Click to access VMware-vsphere-60-vcenter-server-appliance-55-60-comparison.pdf

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2 Responses to How to configure the NTP on the vCenter Server Appliance 6.0 – vCSA

  1. _nd says:

    Thank you, i did not know about https://vcenter:5480/login.html


  2. kiru says:

    Good article, but watch out for those “-“. there’s always 2 of them for every arguments


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