vCSA 6.0 Installation issues – ” Firstboot script execution error “

Pls check my previous blogs on various issues faced during the installation and here I just added few other issues which we faced in our new environment. I hope these somehow shed some lights to fix the installation issues.

vCSA 6.0 “Firstboot Script Execution Error – Failed to run vdcpromo”

VMware vCenter Server Appliance 6.0 – “Failed to Start Services. Firstboot Error”

Invalid Credentials – Join an SSO domain in an existing vCenter 6.0 platform service controller.


Issue No : 1

When I was trying to install the vCenter which connects to the external PSC , I forgot to provide the FQDN of the PSC and the Installation got failed with the below error.

To fix the below issue , during installation make sure to provide the proper IP or FQDN of the PSC.


Issue No : 2

Below error occurs when we re-installing the VC – “ ERROR_TOO_MANY_NAMES”

To fix this issue we need to decommission the old VC properly before starting the reinstallation of the VC. Pls check my other blog on decommission of the PSC\VC.

Pls check this blog for more info : Issues and Errors when decommissioning the vCenter Server or a Platform Services Controller -vCSA -6.0


Issue No :3

Once the OVF is downloaded and starting the installation it got failed with the below error and at the same time you will notice the message in the vCenter which we selected to host the vSCA “ This task was cancelled by the user”

I have downloaded the fresh ISO and tried the installation but again it got failed but at the same it went successfully  using the same ISO from my laptop and further investigation I noticed from the installation server I couldn’t ping the ESX hosts on the vCenter which I selected for the appliance and also several other ports are blocked.

To fix the issue , try whether able to ping the ESX hosts and telnet other basic ports like 443 from the installation server to the ESX host which selected for the installation.


Issue No:4

DNS with proper FQDN and IP have to be created prior to the VCSA deployment or it will fail with the error”Firstboot Script Execution Error – The Supplied System Name is not Valid”.

If DNS is properly configured and Nslookup is working fine then simply try installation again it will work.


Issue No 5:

Below Error will occur if the Time sync is not properly configured , especially when selected the host for the Time sync. – ” Detected System Clock skew between this node and vCenter SSO  – Ensure that system clock on this node is synchronized with vCenter Single Sign-on.


ESX Host Time configuration


To fix this issue make sure the Time NTP Server is configured correctly and its running status in the ESX hosts.

When installing the client plugin it hangs on installation while installing the certificate and starting service .

Issue No 6:


As per VMware KB 2133846

This is a known issue affecting the Client Integration Plug-in Update 1.

Currently, there is no resolution.

To work around this issue, allow for up to 20 minutes, depending on your workstations processor power, to install the latest version of the Client Integration Plug-in 6.0 Update 1.

Issue NO 7:

Client integration plugin was already installed but still it just asks to refresh the page and it will be blank with out Install and Upgrade option.


I cleared the cache , Installed the Firefox and rebooted the server also but no luck.

To fix this issue try the below option which worked for few when i searched in internet but for me again I copied the ISO and started the installation.

  • On any Windows OS, if vcsa-setup.html is refreshed on Firefox browser, a blank banner message might appear after allowing the Client Integration Plugin to run
    Refreshing the vcsa-setup.html file might result in a blank banner on top in the Firefox browser. This is an intermittent issue. The blank banner appears after allowing the Client Integration Plugin to run on the browser. For example, allowing the vmware-csd process to run on Firefox.Workaround: While allowing vmware-csd process to run on Firefox for the first time, select the Remember my Choice option for vmware-csd links and refresh the vcsa-setup.html file. This should prevent the blank banner on refresh of the vcsa-setup.html file.
    Alternatively, close Firefox browser and reopen vcsa-setup.html.
  • The Install and Upgrade buttons might not appear in the vCenter Server Appliance installer if you run it in Mozilla Firefox on a Windows 2008 Server OS, if the proxy settings are not configured properly
    After you install the Client Integration Plug-in and open vcsa-setup.html in Mozilla Firefox on a Windows 2008 Server OS, you must allow the Client Support Daemon plug-in to run. After you select vmware-csd and click OK, the Install and Upgrade buttons might still not appear. The countdown for detecting the Client Integration Plug-in goes down to zero but nothing happens. This issue is related to the browser proxy settings.Workaround: Fix the Mozilla Firefox proxy settings:

    1. Navigate to the Firefox Options menu.
    2. Click Advanced, and click the Network tab.
    3. Click Settings.
    4. If Use system proxy settings is selected, click the Auto-detect proxy settings for this network radio button. If the Use manual proxy configuration is selected, set the proxy server for your network.

Issue No 8:

During the installation,  NTP server which we provided is wrong then the installation will fail with the error ” Failed to set the time via NTP : Internal Error . Code :1 “

Make sure the NTP Server IP is valid and also it is reachable.


Issue No 9 :

While installing the VC it failed in the final stage and when we try re-installing it with the same name it was showing the error ” ERROr 23,Join vmdir failed “


Link mentioned in the KB 2117378 , clean the old stale VC record from the PSC.

If the vdcleavefed command fails then reboot the appropriate PSC , it will fix the issue.

Issue No 10 :

If we try to install the VCSA 6.0 on older version of ESXi 4.0\4.1 , it will fail with the below error.


It will only support from the version ESX 5.0

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  1. Mrki says:

    Could not connect to VMware Directory Service via LDAP. Verify VMware Directory Service is running on the appropriate system and is reachable from this host.

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