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vSphere Replication sso fails with error Bad exit code:1

After upgrading the VCSA to the latest U2 and also with new machine certificate , noticed vSphere Replication was in failed status and when I tried to configure the lookup service address and restarting the service it was failing with … Continue reading

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Lookup service fails with the certificate error for external VMware solution like NSX Manager,VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager, VMware vSphere Replication or vSheild Manager.

Some solutions, such as VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager, VMware vSphere Replication, or vSheild Manager are always installed on a different machine than the associated vCenter Server system or Platform Services Controller that manages the certificates for the solution. If you … Continue reading


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How to identify host , datastore and vCenter of the running VM .

when vCenter\PSC is running as the appliance on the  host configured in the same vCenter and in case of  the VM (vCenter\PSC)  failure, we need information about the VM running on which host,datastore to bring it back online. Also in … Continue reading

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Unregister vSphere Replication from vCenter Server if the Appliance Was Deleted

vSphere replication Appliance was deleted without properly  unregistered it from the vCenter and each time when we login in to the web-client it was searching for the vSphere Replication ( VR ) Appliance and it slowing down the web-client. There … Continue reading

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