How to enable monitoring for the vShield Endpoint communication with ESX module.

Pls check my other blogs about Trend DSM 9.5 and 9.6  and here we can find how to enable the monitoring for the vShield Endpoint when it lost communication with ESX module.

Login to the VC which vShield Manager is connected.

we can find the VC name from the below location.


Select the Alarms tab from the vCenter level – vSheild Endpoint Host Status.


In General we can see the below info and make sure to have Alarm type as HOSTS


Next tab , make sure we have the selected the event type.


In Action tab add the notification email when we should get the alert .

For ex I have selected from Green – yellow , Yellow – Red , Red – Yellow , yellow – Green.


when the alert triggers , we will get the mail in the below format .


Reference :

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