Manually updating the Deep Security Manager (DSM) database before upgrading to 9.6 SP1 – Part -4

Check my other blog on Trend DSM 9.5 and 9.6 and in this blog we can see how to manually  perform  DSM database schema changes which required to upgrade the Trend DSM 9.6 SP1 or with the latest patch. These changes are required only for Microsoft SQL Server databases.

Trend has provided the tool to do this DB change but when i tried it in my lab it failed and also in our PRD there are lot of process to get approval to install any tool on the DB server so by using the manual method we completed the DSM DB schema changes.

Pls note it is very imp to take the DB backup before the activity .

Download the script from the Trendlink.



Database Integrity Check.

Before proceeding with the steps mentioned in the sections below, it is important to check first the database integrity for Deep Security Manager:

Log in to SQL Server and select Deep Security Database.

DeepSecurityDatabaseBigintMigrationScriptTableRecoveryCommand.sql script using Notepad and copy its contents to the New Query area.



Change the database name right at the top of the script with your DSM database.

Click Parse on the SQL Server.

Click Execute on the SQL Server.




Running the Migration script.

Make sure to take the DB backup and stop the Trend DSM Service on all the nodes.

Check the table usage and free disk space of SQL server.

Use the script DeepSecurityDatabaseBigintMigrationScriptTableSpaceUsageSummary.sql to get the summary of table space usage. Below is an example:


Go to the unzipped folder then locate the DeepSecurityDatabaseBigintMigrationScript.sql script.

Open the script and modify the database name for each tenants. For example, if your database name is DSM95, change the script to [DSM95] similar to the following:

use [DSM95]

We need to run the the same on each tenant database in themulti-tenant environment

Migration script is completed, Next blog we can see the steps on DSM installer SP1 upgrade.

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