Bug noticed on VCSA 14367737 Syslog configuration.

We are running the VCSA 14367737 and it can’t be upgraded because we have the internal cloud stack on top of the vCenter and it supports only the VCSA version 14367737. I have tried forwarding the VCSA logs to the Syslog server ( SPLUNK ) and noticed after the configuration it worked for few hours and stopped working and we have to restart the service manually systemctl restart rsyslog to forward the logs again to the Splunk server.

After trying few options and in our test environment we have tried upgrading the VC to different version and noticed the issue got fixed on the vCenter Appliance 6.7 Update 3g ( 16046470.Eventough in the release notes they havent mentioned anything on this issue , it looks like they have upgraded the rsyslog version on ths VCSA version.

As the workaround we can configure the cron and restart the service for every two hours.

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