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How to identify host , datastore and vCenter of the running VM .

when vCenter\PSC is running as the appliance on the  host configured in the same vCenter and in case of  the VM (vCenter\PSC)  failure, we need information about the VM running on which host,datastore to bring it back online. Also in … Continue reading

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How to find which VMDK is associated with which disk in Windows Server.

1. Login to the client and edit the VM . 2. Select the Hardisk and note the SCSI ( 0:X ) 3. Login to the windows Guest VM – Go to the Disk-Management. 4. Right click the Disk and Go … Continue reading

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Removing the VNIC completely from the Windows VM.

We removed the VNIC E1000 and added a new NIC with VMXNET3 on one of the windows 2008 VM , noticed that windows doesn’t delete the hardware and it just moved as a hidden device. After spending some time , … Continue reading

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