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VMware support log size issue and workaround (VCSA ).

In our environment we have around 12 VCSA 6.0 U2 ( vCenter  Appliance)  in different region with various sizes , most of our environment will be running with around 20-25 ESXi hosts in two or three clusters and  800 – … Continue reading

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Supermicro bug on running VMs in Nested method.

One of our internal cloud environment which is running ESXi hosts under SuperMicro ( SYS-1027GR ) got failed with the PSOD referencing Fatal (unrecoverable) MCE on one of physical CPU .It happened almost all the ESX hosts on the cluster frequently … Continue reading


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vSphere client and Powercli fails to connect vCenter after TLSv1.0 disabled.

As per the KB 2148819 , TLSv1.0 has been disabled from the VC and issue started to connect the VC from the desktop client and also using the powercli . Error from the Desktop client: Error from the Powercli Using the … Continue reading

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Primary\Secondary DNS IP Fail-Over bug in VMware vCenter Server Appliance 6.0 Update 2 ( VCSA U2)

We have the PRD setup with external PSC and VC which is configured with the Primary DNS and Secondary DNS . Due to the hardware issue on our primary DNS server , it went down and we couldn’t connect the … Continue reading

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vdcrepadmin to find the replication status and design the Platform Services Controller 6.0

After attending the VMworld PSC session , I was thinking about to test the VDCREPADMIN tool which helps to find the replication status and to re-desgin the PSC. Currently we have three PSCs which connects to each other in an in-line … Continue reading

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Issue while moving ESX host from old VC5.1 to the new VCSA 6.0

We were doing the ESX Host (5.1 )  migration from the old windows VC5.1 to the new VC6.0 appliance , few hosts were having issue while adding it to the new VC and it got failed with the  Time-out Error … Continue reading

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VC6.0 Linked Mode roles sync issue between vCenters – ” The data service timed out because a back-end task took more than 120 seconds”

vCenters  ( VCSA ) between different sites have been connected using the linked mode so all the PSCs is pointed to the same domain and because of few issues we have to decommission the PSC\VC in one of the site … Continue reading

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vCSA 6.0 Installation issues – ” Firstboot script execution error “

Pls check my previous blogs on various issues faced during the installation and here I just added few other issues which we faced in our new environment. I hope these somehow shed some lights to fix the installation issues. vCSA 6.0 … Continue reading

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Issues and Errors when decommissioning the vCenter Server or a Platform Services Controller -vCSA -6.0

Platform Service Controller ( PSC ) \ vCenter which connects to the external PSC and if it no longer required or not working then we can decommission or delete the appliance. First step is to stop and power-down the PSC … Continue reading

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Invalid Credentials – Join an SSO domain in an existing vCenter 6.0 platform service controller.

VC6.0 Appliance Installation Issue. We already created one primary platform service controller ( PSC ) and when trying to install the second PSC\VC which connects to the primary PSC, it is failing with the error “ invalid credentials “ and … Continue reading

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